Chaya R. Satt

Empathy, Sensitivity, Compassion

Individual and Family Therapist

050-592-4415 (Israel)

How I Help...

Originally from New York, Chaya has made Israel her home since her first visit 12 years ago. As a black belt in martial arts, Chaya has a natural passion for discipline and inner strength. Chaya has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (cum laude), Master’s Degree in Clinical Sociology, and is certified in Individual, Family and Marital therapy. She brings her knowledge and experience of relationships to enable each client to help grow in their unique way. She has trained in Somatic Experiencing for Trauma Intervention.
As an experienced therapist (11 years), Chaya joins her clients on a journey of their inner world. Chaya believes that therapy accomplishes its goals both by expanding one’s self-awareness and by healing the symptoms that brings a client into therapy. Chaya empowers her clients to success by bridging the longer term psychodynamic therapy with short term interventions. Chaya's focus is on relationships and the multitude of conditions that affect them and are affected by them.


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